Wind Damage

Wind can be devastating to your roof.  If your roof was not installed properly in the beginning or your roof is older, wind can cause major damage which could compromise the inside of your home as well should your roof become damaged.

Most shingles carry a wind resistance rating of 60 miles per hour as tested under ASTM 3161 or UL 997, while specialty shingles may be rated to as much as 130 miles per hour. While laboratory tests may not predict actual performance in a storm, a higher rated shingle will likely perform better than a lower rated one.

Even though most shingles carry a wind resistance rating, the rating can deteriorate due to some of the following reasons:

Weather: Wind damage can happen to any asphalt shingle roof in severe weather conditions. However if shingles are not properly nailed, shingles are far more likely to blow off of the roof in even a modest windstorm.

Proper roof shingle nailing: Roofing product manufacturers are careful to specify where shingle nails should be placed in each shingle and the number of nails required. These specifications may vary by shingle type and building location, with more nails specified for high-wind areas such as asphalt shingle roofs applied in coastal areas.

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